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We have been working with Brian for over 15 years and with Stratusi since it began in 2012. They are dependable, capable, and an invaluable part of our IT structure. “Off duty” is not a term they use as they always respond after or before normal business hours. We used them to re-write our flagship product to include automation of our customer processes, and their support and guidance through the process was irreplaceable.

Stratusi has been a partner, not just a vendor, learning what our customers want and need in an effort to provide the best solution and service possible. Through this, they know when they run across a company that could benefit from our services and are always happy to bring us together.

As a small company with a single IT employee, Stratusi has always been ready to jump in to assist, including offering advice and training to get us through the next phase. Priceless doesn’t begin to describe their value to DTI.

Wesley Bagnell

CEO, Digital Technology Inc.

The Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) has been working with Stratusi since 2016.  Stratusi has helped us develop a custom Microsoft Dynamics First Purchaser database to meet our specialized business needs.  They worked with us to assess those needs and helped to design ways to automate certain processes to create efficiency.  The system developed provides value to not only our customers but also internal users and supervisors.  Stratusi works to address our needs and schedules work at hours that may not be standard business hours.  In addition to the work with Microsoft Dynamics, they have assisted in consolidation and hosting of various websites and custom updates to those sites.  They have looked for ways to find value propositions among clients and have not been hesitant to share honest feedback with our team.  We rely on them to collaborate with other vendors as needed.  Stratusi has been able to work with those vendors as our partner to find the best result for ISA.  Stratusi always works with us to assess our needs and find cost effective ways to implement value based solutions.

Chantel Rammel

CEO, Indiana Soybean Alliance

We have been very pleased and proud to partner with Stratusi over the last three years on the American Alliance and Association of Orthopaedic Executives’ data solutions projects. Stratusi has helped us from improving our benchmarking survey to envisioning a data solutions portal. We have added data solutions that will help our members with value-based care, throughput and output. The Stratusi team is innovative while being cost conscious and helping us serve the orthopaedic community as a nonprofit organization – allowing our investment to further projects as much as possible. Their expertise in development, databases, security, infrastructure, CRM, hosting, HL7, EDI, HIPAA/HiTrust, marketing, and product development has been instrumental in informing solutions that really work for our members.

Addy Kujawa